Cuba Dreams Manifesto

The Cuba Dreams project is commentary and content dedicated to the dreams of Cuban artists, entrepreneurs, and the beautiful island of Cuba. The thing about dreams is that they are abstract until they are real. Sometimes it’s embarrassing to even give voice to a dream. They elude until they manifest. But I find that when we dream together something magical happens. Dreams multiply. They are shared, and disagreed with, they are built upon, and soon enough, a dream becomes something of its own.

My curiosity brought me to Cuba as a student, in 2016. Little did I know that in the five months I was there I would witness the historical milestones of Obama’s trip to the island, the Rolling Stones concert, and a real sense that change was in the air. Before I went to Cuba, there was always a nagging question of, what is on the other side? There’s something about human nature that we most want to experience that which we are told we can’t. To each person I met, I asked a simple question with complex answers — What is your dream for Cuba?

Cray Novick, Project Director

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As storytellers we are aware that one of the effects of the U.S. Embargo is how it acts as a blockade of stories, of human connection and cultural exchange. We are dedicated being a bridge in a variety of mediums. We produce high-quality films, music, articles, podcasts, and virtual reality about Cuba today. One of our main projects is Cuba Dreams where we speak to change makers and thought leaders in Cuba and around the world and ask the question What is your dream for Cuba?


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No armored prow can smash through a cloud of ideas. A vital idea brandished before the world at the right moment like the mystic banner of Judgment Day can stop a fleet of battleships. Nations that remain strangers must rush to know one another, like soldiers about to go into battle together. Those who once shook their fists at each other like jealous brothers quarreling over who has the bigger house or who owns a plot of land must now grip each other so tightly that their two hands become one.