RE-EVOLUTION is a series about Cuba today, the US/Cuba relationship, and the process of making an interactive documentary that you might just be participating in!

I first went to Cuba as a student in and fell in love with the sense of community. Solidarity, caring, “Buenos Dias” in a shared taxi. “Para la Unidad de mi barrio” If the stereotype of the American dream is someone fast-walking down Manhattan with headphones in trying to get it for themselves, Cuba was something different.

Since 1960, The US embargo against Cuba has blocked most trade and until recently travel. Over time, division breeds a sense of otherness.


As a storyteller, I am conscious, that the US/Cuba relationship also blocks stories, interpersonal exchange and perhaps our shared humanity. In telling these stories, making these movies, the goal is simple — that maybe at the end, you see some of the characters as people who could be your friends. Just like you or me.

I grew to learn so-so Cuban Spanish that gets me by a little better each day. With artists, farmers, entrepreneurs, athletes, and everyday people we are exploring a central question — an exorcise in collective dreaming!

What is the Cuban Dream? Will you dream with us?!

Join the conversation with #CubaDreams and follow along to create and uncover more threads of a story we are creating together.