The process of normalizing relations between two peoples for all peoples to join in friendship, as Jose Martí dreamed, regardless of the barriers of languages or oceans

Pope Francis

The #CubaDreams Challenge is a documentary film and virtual reality project for generative storytelling and to collectively
imagine Cuba today.
Dream with us! 
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What is your Cuban Dream?

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Coming to PBS Fall 2019


Find your station and tune in during Latin American Heritage Month Fall 2019. Stay tuned for local events featuring immersive VR storytelling, and share your #CubaDreams!

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Film Preview

Peek Behind the Scenes

Directed by Cray Novick

Produced by True Spectrum Media

VR Experiences

•Virtual Reality will bring participants across borders into immersive cultural experiences.

•React to stories and add to the conversation at generative storytelling events or online

•Learn Cuban Dance, See old Havana, or Little Havana in 360 and 3D video

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Share your photo, tag those you care about, use our hashtag #CubaDreams, and watch the movement grow!

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Resources & Impact Partners

Long Now Boston

Long Now Boston fosters long-term thinking on the local and global level. We encourage individual and collective responsibility in a time-scale of the next ten thousand years, and offer tools and resources to our future leaders.

Rivers and Revolutions

Rivers and Revolutions is a semester long interdisciplinary and experiential program for High School students. Students use the Re-Evolution project to explore how different academic disciplines provide different windows of understanding and illuminate different aspects of Cuba, nationhood, identity, and revolution. Rivers and Revolutions is more than a class or a classroom, it’s a community.

Hampshire College Cuba Program

Hampshire in Cuba presents students with the unique opportunity to develop their academic potential within several disciplines. Working with the Hampshire faculty director and renowned Cuban writers, historians, visual artists, performance artists, or musicians as tutors, participants are able to pursue their own set of academic goals through an independent study project they design and implement throughout the semester.

Cuba Counterpoints

We are a group of academics with long histories of studious engagement with Cuban affairs. We have a lot to say and to share: to policy-makers, to travelers, to students, and to all those with an interest in Cuba as well as in current events. We come from different disciplines in the arts, the humanities and the social sciences, and aim to show that knowledge, differently from expertise, does not only serve to zero in an issue, but to open it up through different perspectives.

Beyond Conflict

The emerging fields of brain and behavioral science, combined with 25 years of real-world experience, offer a powerful new approach to conflict resolution, reconciliation and positive social change in the United States and abroad.

Fundación Alejo Carpentier

The Foundation Alejo Carpentier is a non-profit NGO that aims to extend contacts and exchange of information with research centers, universities and scholars with the aim of helping individual creators in projects related to art and literature; conservation of the Bibliographical Fund Committee of IBBY Cuban Committee; conducting courses and workshops for upgrading in various fields of journalists, librarians, archivists and the general public, and the provision of library and museum services.

The Team